WANTED: Java "Telephony" API Script

We need a JAVA script that works "Invisibly" to grab VIDEO & AUDIO from a users WEBCAM and transmit the signal via the web.

The requirements for our system will be to transmit 3 to 10 frames per second of video and medium quality audio over the web where it will be viewed and heard on the recipients setup using ONLY THEIR WEB BROWSER.

Being java based this system should work on PC and MAC systems and be 100% compatable with current versions of popular web browsers. Currently, there are several programs that do this. But they require the user to download and install them. This limits 90% of all users.

We know it is just a matter of time before someone uses SUN MICROSYSTEM's JAVA "TELEPHONY" API codes to do what we described above.



We will pay a percentage of every user on our system that uses these scripts. In the long run this can amount to millions of dollars.

Please DO NOT CONTACT our company until your scripts are 100% WORKING!!!

You should have a URL directing us to a working demo included in your email.


VideoPhone Network, U.S.A.
Partnership Development

Good Luck! 




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